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Note: Only tested on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

No Program Left Behind

Sometimes you just don't want to take time going to your Applications folder or searching around your hard drive. Just click a quick hotkey (Command-Option-Control-T) and Todos will simply appear. Todos' job is simple. Todos doesn't do more than it says. Like its definition in Spanish, Todos will show you everything. Todos shows you all your applications in a complete dock. All of us have a plethora of programs, and the Apple dock just can't fit them all. Don't worry. Bring Todos up when you need to get to any of your apps. Click any application in Todos and it will instantly launch. Todos will fade away after application launch. Perhaps you don't want it go go away so fast? Just hold the command key and click. Todos will open the application and remain displayed. Don't forget to stand back and wow at all those cool icons for all of your applications. OS X has beautiful icons, why not see them more?
Todos View

Only a Click Away

Too tired to click the hotkey? Well maybe not, but is your mouse so close to the menubar? Just click the Todos icon in the menubar and easily open or close the window as well as easily rescan for apps and quit Todos. Simple.
Todos Menu

Yes, it's how you want it

Todos doesn't let you down if you like to config. Choose which directories to search in, which applicatoins to ignore, how to sort, hotkey configuration and more all within the simplistic preferences window. Got an application you don't want displayed in Todos? Perhaps you have 12 different iPod Updater applications. Simply option-click the applications and they will never be shown again. Your pleas have been answered.
Todos Menu


What's New in 1.5?

  • Added command-clicking of an application to keep Todos active and in front.
  • Simply clicking an icon opens application and Todos fades away.
  • Added option-clicking of an application to remove it and block it from being displayed in Todos.
  • Changed window to have a default transparency of 90%.
  • When inactive Todos window fades to 75% transparency.
  • Currently running app icons are stroked in green.
  • Corrected a rescan bug.
  • Added larger icon view and altered textual display (large text for app name and small text for path) for sel
  • ected app.
  • Flipped screen co-ords to start displaying from the top instead of the bottom.
  • Made window draggable.
  • Small box drawn around selected icon.
  • Icons sorted by directory then app name.
  • Added ~/Applications and ~/Desktop to default scanning locations. Already had /Applications/ and /Developer/
  • Slightly modifed some of the scanning code.
  • Command-q now disabled.
  • Sparkle Integration for In-App new version checking and installation.
  • Improved window redraw speed for significant boost in performance and less cpu usage.
  • New preferences window added.
  • "Open Window" menu item now updates its parenthesis to the user selected hotkey
  • Added setting to change transparency.
  • Added sorting options.
  • Added ability to specify directories to search for applications.
  • Added ability to manage blocked apps within the preferences window.
  • Added ability to customize the hotkey.
  • Added ability to start Todos on login.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


Source Code

Todos is distributed under the GNU GPL (General Public License). You can download a copy of the source code here.


System Requirements

  • Only tested on Mac OS X 10.4+
  • Todos is a Universal Application


Support & Contribute

  • If you have an idea or suggestion please click here.
  • If you would like to translate Todos please click here.
  • If you have found a bug please click here.

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